About Us

We’d like to sincerely welcome you to Hinton Scaffold Solutions.  We are pleased that you are committed to our shared vision of safe implementation strategies.  Thank you in advance for hiring Hinton Scaffold Solutions to assist with bringing your client’s visions to fruition.

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Who we are

Hinton Scaffold Solutions is a scaffolding provider who is in the business of providing temporary work platforms. Our clients choose us because we are transparent and offer a high standard of accountability to our clients. Our tracking system manages everything from individuals to materials, all aspects of execution, costs, budget, progress and all levels of the project base as per the contract.

Company Vision

An industry leader, creating productive and quality work environments with a commitment to safety.

Mission Statement

To provide an inspiring environment where employees can openly contribute suggestions to ensure everybody returns home safely.

Our Shared Vision Philosophy

Our greatest investment is our employees.  As a company, we are keenly aware of how important it is to teach every new generation of tradespersons how to be safety driven.  We are a work family, and as such, we strive to instill the importance of safe and efficient execution in every aspect of our operations.  We believe in the ‘each one, teach one’ principle.  This philosophy is believed and practiced by our entire staff; it runs through the veins of the company, from the warehouse to the boardroom.

We are a team of trailblazers with all levels of experience.  We bring to the industry, a group of leaders who have been working alongside each other over the past 21 years.  Our combined years of expertise bring centuries of scaffolding excellence to our clientele.


Why Hinton Scaffold Solutions?

We provide all our clients with the utmost attention, which they deserve.

  • ZSafety leadership in the office and on the field
  • ZResponsibility for Life-Saving Rules
  • ZAll-inclusive craftsmanship training programs
  • ZStop Work Obligation
  • ZZero incident mindset

"Do it safely or don’t do it all principle"

  • ZOperational Discipline
  • ZAn innovative tracking system keeps costs low
  • ZAdvanced engineering
  • ZProject control measures and proven processes

"We deliver your project on time at the lowest costs"

  • ZOperational Discipline
  • ZCombined years of experience and expertise bring centuries of scaffolding excellence to our clientele
  • ZExceptional problem-solving abilities to conquer challenges and difficulties that may arise
  • ZAdaptable and skilled working within residential, commercial, and industrial sectors
  • ZCustomer service, safety and innovation take precedence on our projects
  • ZExceptional workface planning

  • ZWe offer our customers solutions to optimize their operations
  • ZAn innovative tracking system keeps costs low
  • ZOur aim is to remove, and or, minimize all levels of risks

"Hinton’s Scaffold Solutions Made Simple"

  • ZBuilding long-term relationships is a key component to our success
  • ZQuick and efficient service
  • ZPartner to support Canadian community philanthropy
  • ZLocal and regional workforce

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 We are committed to providing the best solutions that are safe and productive.