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General Questions

What is your Availability?

Our customers’ concerns are a top priority.  We will respond to your inquiries and emergencies in a timely manner.

How experienced are you/ how long have been working for?

We are a team of trailblazers with all levels of experience.  We bring to the industry, a group of leaders who have been working alongside each other over the past 21 years.  Our combined years of expertise bring centuries of scaffolding excellence to our clientele.

Why should I trust you with my project?

Safety is a critical part of Hinton’s culture – it’s how we do business.  We deliver safe, reliable operations, and ensure that everyone goes home at the end of the day.

Does Hinton scaffold Solutions supply engineered drawings for larger builds?

Yes.  Hinton’s advanced engineering team provides a full range of the services to ensure your scaffold is built safely from planning to the final review.

How large of a project can Hinton handle?

Hinton can handle all your scaffold needs from small residential projects to large industrial projects.

What geographical area does Hinton service in Ontario?

Hinton services a very large area… concentrating mostly in the Toronto and surrounding regions.  Give us a call and we will confirm if we provide service to a particular area. 

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Commercial and Industrial Questions

How come scaffolding takes up to 25-30 percent of the overall site budget and nobody can explain the reason why?

Companies to refer past experiences and costs of past projects.  It is not possible to estimate and or prepare a budgeting for scaffolding. 

Recent Projects

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