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Access scaffolding provides temporary access to difficult to get to places on construction sites.  We have a selection of different systems that provide access and egress for construction workers and public use.

Some benefits of using access scaffolding are

Our range of services includes:

Cantilever Scaffolding

This type of scaffolding is used when existing obstacles on the ground such as equipment, stairs that cannot be relocated and it is not possible to fix standard into the ground.

Tube and Clamp Scaffolding

Requires two components, skill and creativity; ‘free-styling and creative ways of building the scaffold’. Can be used in difficult and tight areas (e.g. inside a boiler or vessels)

Mesh Enclosures

Green Mesh prevents dropped objects and controls falling debris.

Debris Chutes

Debris chutes are used when the need to properly eliminate waste in a controlled and safe manner is required. They can be used during new construction and/or renovations and are good for hazardous conditions.  E.g.  getting rid of hazardous materials such as asbestos.

Event Staging

Used for outdoor events requiring enclosures, temporary stages, seating, storage.

Winter Enclosures

Tarp enclosures protect workers from extreme weather by providing shelter from windy and cold winter conditions.


Frame Scaffold

This is one of the most commonly used systems in scaffolding due to its adaptability, cost-effectiveness, and easy to use methods. It can easily be assembled and dismantled.


Rolling Scaffold

This scaffold on wheels is used on a flat, even-ground service. ( E.g. churches, changing lights) This is preferable to erecting pounds of scaffold in an area.


Systems All Around Scaffolding

This type of scaffolding is quick, efficient and durable. Systems scaffold is 8 times quicker and faster than traditional frame and tube and clamp scaffold.


Roof Edge Protection

This method of fall protection is used in residential and commercial construction and requires three components, a main guard rail, an intermediate rail and toe board. Scaffolding can be designed as a temporary edge protection system for workers. Edge protection is used to prevent those working at heights from the hazard of falling.


Overhead Protection

This protects the public from falling objects and debris. Additional benefits include:

  • an 8 ft clearance that makes it an adjustable walk through height
  • free from obstructions
  • prevents tripping hazards
  • has 0 pinch points
  • safely lit

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